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Masterpeace album review

My latest album, Masterpeace has just been reviewed by BT of

BT Fasmer is a Norwegian blogger who has gained an astute reputation as a leading promoter of all New Age music.

This is what he had to say about the album...

There’s something about the night. The peace and quiet gives time to reflect, improve and make personal progress – and sleep, of course. On Niall’s new album “Masterpeace” we are taken on a journey of the mind, from “Midnight Meditation” to “Spirit Calling”. In today’s stressed out world, this superb release for meditation and rest should be of interest to just about everyone.  

Niall is an award winning composer from the UK. He has released 24 albums of world, spiritual, relaxation, meditation and Native American music. Last two albums where “Total Serenity” (2014) and “Earth Angels” (2014).

Midnight Meditation The intro to “Masterpeace” is absolutely brilliant in all its simplicity. Niall only needs to touch the keyboard for a few seconds, and the tone for the whole album is set – not unlike Steven Halpern on the classic “Spectrum Suite” (1975). The sound design is amazing. The piano sound is deep, warm and incredibly rich. But don’t take my word for it, just listen:

First song is “Midnight Meditation”. The gentle melody warps itself around the listener like a warm blanket. This is night music, no doubt about that. You just have to close your eyes, and Niall will guide you into a meditative state. I like the classical feel of the compositions, which “Midnight Meditation” is a good example of. It has a touch of composers such as Debussy or Ravel.

Soul Deep “Soul Deep” is a slow, evolving song. There’s a gentle poetry here that’s just incredibly beautiful. It is music for the mind and heart. I’m impressed by how the sound develops as the album progresses. “Soul Deep” fades effortlessly into “Haunting Sky”, which is a dark piece with a steady rhythm. The atmosphere is still highly meditative and peaceful. That is impressive sound design on many levels!

The title track is a creative rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Niall builds a bridge between the classical piece and a modern understanding of peace, meditation and rest. “Masterpeace” truly is the perfect title for this track. Next out is “Emperor’s Heart”. It has some nice Eastern flavors. Kitaro or Deuter couldn’t have done it better, it is a jewel of a tune.

Inner Dream One of the best aspects of “Masterpeace” is the consistency in sound. Niall manages to keep the atmosphere and expression on all 10 tracks. That is a major accomplishment! This is also true for the song “Inner Dream”. Its warm and cosy sound greats the listener like an old friend. I cannot think of higher praise for meditation music than that. The song “Finding Nirvana” has such a gentle intro that it is well underway before you even notice it – another hallmark of great meditation music.

On “Heavenly Adventures” we are off on a high flying voyage. There’s a certain floating element to the song that you just have to experience for yourself. Reach out your arm and you’ll almost touch the sky. “Whispering Hills” makes the listener pay attention. In the beginning everything is so quiet, so gentle. Then there’s an interesting build-up, leading up to a glorious conclusion. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word! “Spirit Calling” makes sure that “Midnight Meditation” ends in a thoughtful and contemplative way.

In conclusion: It is no secret that albums labeled as meditation music are often uninspired and boring. They will make you sleep rather than meditate. Niall’s “Masterpeace”, on the other hand, is a rock-solid release. You don’t have to like this genre to enjoy it. Anyone in need of a relaxing, healing and meditative album will be amazed by its beauty. It is, without a doubt, one of 2018’s best New Age music releases.

Score: 96/100 – See how I rate music here.



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