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I am an award winning composer from the UK. I write and produce world, spiritual, relaxation, meditation and native american music. I have been involved with music most of my life, starting when I was 7, learning the trumpet. As the years progressed, I took up keyboards, recorder, flute, guitar, drums and studied advanced music theory. A visit to a recording studio when I was 10, peaked my interest in electronics and sound recording, and from an early age I started buying synths, mixing desks and lots of cables, not to mention repairing and learning valve electronics...much to my parents amusement! My passion for creating music soon surpassed the size of their spare bedroom, so I setup my equipment in an old house and started writing music for production companies and taking on location music projects in the 90's. I now have other world class musicians that I record for, many playing in top London orchestras and shows.

I am spiritual and eat a plant-based diet. I enjoy walking in nature and beaches. I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me, which inspires my creativity.


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